Lake District Adventures Ltd

Lake District Adventures Ltd

Lake District Adventures is re-opening on Saturday 16 May 2020 for bike hire and shuttle services only.

Learn the history of the Horahora village and enjoy the twilight & silence of being on the water as the day draws to an end. As night arrives over the lake, paddle slowly up the Pokaiwhenua Stream and through the canyon carved out by water over many hundreds of years. Native ferns & trees drape over you, bird life is all around. When darkness falls we float silently back downstream, being guided by the glowworms on either side sparkling like Christmas lights.

Bring your family along on our Glowworm tour for $356 - 2 adults/2 children (8 to 15 years) Use the promo code FAMILY to get this awesome deal.


396 Horahora Road, Piarere

For more information visit the Lake District Adventures website

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