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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

1. Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum has launched a website experience for visitors keen to try their hand at creating an online exhibition using images of items from the Museum’s collection.

Go to The Exhibition Creator

Waikato Museum has extended its online collection of artworks, social history objects and taonga and has also made it easier for online visitors to find objects of interest.

Explore the collection here


2. Te Awamutu Museum

Explore our History from home, the extensive online collection is a fascinating journey through Te Awamutu Museum's vast collection. 


3. The Meteor

Head over to The Meteor’s Facebook page for the regular event updates from artists all over NZ.


4. Te Ara Wai

Start your virtual journey here

Buy Art from Local Artists

Nancy Tschetner:

Caitlin Moloney:

Aaron Kereopa:

Hong Cumming:

Jennie de Groot:

Di Tocker:

Alex Wilkinson:

Inspirit Gallery:

Studio Sinel:


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